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Most vehicles today have been fitted with air conditioning as standard from new. That’s why we have bought the new Bosch fully automatic air con machine. This will do every thing your air con needs from a simple service to a leak and vacuum test.

Did you know that your air con system loses up to 10% of its gas a year, this will eventually cause a drop in pressure and so the system will automatically stop working, quite often with no warning or signs to you that it’s not working. The only thing you might notice is that it’s not cooling down quite so much inside. Therefore, all it needs is topping up with gas, which is not an expensive job. Don’t assume that because your air con has stopped working that it is going to be expensive to fix, it’s normally something simple.

Most vehicle manufacturers are now recommending you have your air con system serviced every 4 years. The service is important as we are not only topping up your gas. What happens is, the system is drained of gas and oil, and all is weighed, as this is the only way you can tell what amount of gas is actually in the system. The system is then subjected to a 1 hour vacuum test. This is done to remove any moisture that has got in the system, as this will cause long-term problems and is very important. The vacuum test will also notify us of any leaks. Once the system has passed all these tests it will then inject the correct quantity of oil, this is important as the compressor needs this oil to lubricate it and also the oil is used to keep the seals soft and in good order. Then we inject a UV die into the system.

We do this on every service, so if you ever get a leak in the future all we need to do is go around the system with our UV light and we can accurately and quickly find your leak. Without this dye we would have to drain down your system, add the dye then re-gas and wait to find the leak, which can be time consuming. Once the dye has been injected the machine will then add the correct amount of gas. Finally we run up the system and check all is working correctly and it’s cooling down to the correct temperature inside.

If your air con is not working and it’s not a gas related fault it’s probably an electrical fault, we also have a large selection of test equipment that will diagnose this fault as well.