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We have invested heavily in new modern diagnostic equipment, which is essential to the modern day workshop. This type of equipment is a must have, even for the simplest of jobs, such as resetting service lights, or changing a battery. For instance when a battery goes flat or is changed the different types of computers fitted to your vehicle will sense this and store fault codes in their memories. In some instances such as the air bag system this fault will cause the warning light on the dash to stay on and mean your air bag system is disarmed, (air bags won’t go off in the event of an accident), the only way to switch this light off is to plug in a scanner and clear down the codes- simple if you have the equipment.

We currently have 3 different types of scanners (computers). The first is our main system; the Bosch KTS system. This is a very sophisticated piece of kit and will plug into hundreds of different types of systems. We purchased this piece of equipment mainly because Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic equipment fitted to vehicles so it made sense to invest in it.

The second scanner is the AD200. This piece of equipment fills the gap where the Bosch scanner doesn’t. This scanner communicates well with Japanese/Korean vehicles.

The third scanner is SNAP ON. This is a good quick talking machine that talks to mainly 12 vehicle manufacturers, for a list of these, please contact us.

We have much more test equipment; four way gas analyser for emission testing, oscilloscopes for accurate testing sensors and actuators, digital multi meters, fuel pressure testing kit, vacuum and smoke machine for quick finding of air leaks, petrol and diesel compression testers, oil pressure testers, cooling system pressure testers and much more.

Unfortunately even with all these scanners there are still systems on vehicles that we are unable to communicate with, but the best way to find out if we can communicate is for us to plug in and try.