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Did you know we can service your car from brand new and it won’t affect your warranty. For more information on this please give us a call.

Most modern vehicles today have service lights which flash up on your dash when your vehicle is due for a service and the only way to reset these is to have it plugged into a computer and have it electronically reset, that’s why we have invested in new equipment to do this, as well as reset your service light we can also alter the time and mileage that it is due, for example VW Audi service intervals are every 12 months or 10,000 miles or if you use the special long life oil we can extend this to every 24 months or 20,000 miles which ever comes first. This can only be done on certain makes and models please ask us for more info.

Here at Colwills Garage we carry out lots of different types of services on vehicles, tailor made to fit you the customer;


If you’re servicing your vehicle using the vehicle manufacturer service schedules then our computer system can print out the exact service schedule for you, making sure your vehicle is correctly maintained.


FULL service, this is the most comprehensive service, allowing us to do a full inspection of your vehicle, checking everything and making the necessary replacements.


INTERIM service, this is the same as a full service, but with some items not replaced.


SMALL service, this is our basic service and includes an oil and filter change as well as a visual inspection with advisory notes.

Please note all parts and lubricants that are used are well tested and of good quality. We receive parts deliveries from  Barnstaple up to three times a day, so if your vehicle needs a part we can normally get it and fit the same day, keeping you on the road.

IMPORTANT: Most modern vehicles have what’s known as a timing belt or cam belt, (this belt is not the rubber belt you can see under the bonnet). It’s a belt hidden behind lots of covers and pulleys. This belts’ job is very important. It’s a belt with lots of rubber teeth on it, which is timed up exactly to the engine. If this belt slips a tooth or breaks, the timing will alter and your engine will stop. In a lot of cases this will cause severe engine damage, which can run into thousands of pounds.

Most vehicle manufacturers have a mileage recommendation. This can vary from as low as 36,000 miles up  to 100,000 miles, or a time duration for replacement, (most manufacturers recommend replacement every 5 years), this is because the rubber will age, rot and perish. Also bear in mind if you have had an oil leak in the past and it has leaked onto the belt this will soften and shorten the life of this belt.

If you would like to know when your belt is due for replacement please call us, as we have a full listing on the computer for when these belts are due for replacement. Most manufacturers also advise the replacement of the tensioner and idler pulleys at the same time. This is because if either of these were to fail the belt would probably fail too, causing engine damage. Also be advised that the water pump is driven off the timing belt, so if when replacing the belt, it shows signs that the water pump is leaking, then now is the time to replace it as 75% of the work is already done. Unfortunately sometimes timing belts are replaced and the water pump looks ok but a week later the water pump starts to leak, this is because the new belt is tighter than the old one, there’s nothing you can do except replace the pump.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you buy a second hand car always find out the history of the timing belt or if in doubt fit a new timing belt.