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We currently stock between 200-300 tyres, in various sizes and brands. If we don’t have the right tyre in stock for you we can source it. Providing we order by 5.30pm, we will get delivery by 12pm the next day (weekdays only). All our tyres are sourced from a large UK importer, which allows us to buy tyres at very competitive prices and offer the same great deals to you, the customer.

Tyre fitting: We have state-of-the-art tyre fitting and balancing equipment allowing us to fit the newest and lowest profile tyres to your vehicle.

Puncture repairs: We undertake many types of puncture repairs. Whether its car tyres, light commercial tyres, quad bike tyres, lawn mower tyres or wheelbarrow tyres we can fix them. We can also supply and fit all sorts of other tyres, i.e. quad tyres, lawn mower tyres, wheel barrow tyres etc.

If you’re after a price on tyres just call us. To make it easier for us to price up tyres, please provide the tyre sizes off of the side wall of the tyre. (e.g.: 185/65/14 82h) all tyre sizes differ, also written on the side wall of the tyre is the make so if you want the same brand let us know.

Tracking/ Four Wheel Alignment

We have now invested in a laser four-wheel alignment system; this will sort any tyre wearing faults you have. With this equipment we can check your front/rear wheel alignment, front/rear wheel camber/caster.

When do you need to have your tracking checked?

If ever you notice any uneven tyre wear. For example; if you look at your tyres and notice more tread on say the outer edge than there is on the inner edge you have a wheel alignment fault. The most common time this is noticed is when you have new tyres fitted and the wheels are removed, at this point the technician can fully inspect the tyre and tell if there is an alignment fault. This alignment fault can usually be corrected by a simple wheel alignment check and adjustment. This will allow you to get the maximum life out of your new tyres.

When carrying out a wheel alignment check there are a few things we need to do first as this could be the cause of your tyre wear. First is to check your tyre pressure. If your tyres are too soft this will cause excessive tyre wear on the inner and outer edges of your tyres. Over inflated will cause the middle of your tyre to wear more, so tyre pressure is important.

Second is to jack up the vehicle and check all tyres for roundness i.e. no lumps or bulges in the tyre and check wheel rims for distortion. We then check steering/suspension joints. Any excess amount of movement found these joints or bushes will have an effect on your wheel alignment and so affect your tyre wear. Worn joints or bushes need to be replaced before carrying out the alignment check. Once any defective joints or bushes are replaced a quick road test is advised to settle the new parts, then the wheel alignment check and adjustment can be carried out and finally a short road test to make sure the steering wheel is central.

Please remember every time you bump up a kerb or drive through a pothole in the road this is causing stress on your steering/suspension and so could be affecting your vehicles wheel alignment. It’s also important to note that every vehicle manufacturer out there sets their wheel alignment up differently on all makes and models. We also find that sometimes if we set up your wheel alignment to the manufacturers data they still wear uneven, this could be because the vehicle has been involved in an accident at some stage in its life and has not been correctly repaired. If this is the case we then have to use or own technical experience to over compensate for this and set it to what suits the vehicle